At We want to transport consumers to the vendor’s local shop or farmer’s market to see how the innovation came to life. At we love a story!


We adore the why, especially when it comes to health. Human beings are wired to love a great story and each person has his or her unique story to tell. Just as you get to meet your vendor at your local farmers market, we desire that same connection be conveyed.


Making a product or developing a service is an amazing journey and we believe these talents, tenacity, and passion need be showcased.


We believe the vendors’ story gives the product life!


At we desire all of our vendors to share their inspiring stories. So, what is yours?

At our virtual farmers market we connect the buyer and the vendor, we believe the passion behind the product is what inspires and connects us. For many, it is a wonderful experience when we meet the vendors who baked, grew, caught, sewed, brewed, beaded, pickled, crafted, canned, and labored over their products at the local farmers market. Knowing where our products come from is very comforting.


Hearing the words free-range, all natural, handmade, artisan, pasture-fed, and organic along with meeting the producer narrates a descriptive story to where our products come from.


Many of us flock to local farmers and markets as part of travels to enjoy in seasonal offerings, here at we want to give our users a way to experience local markets throughout the world. Farmers markets are incredible resource for bringing together communities and educating. Here at we want to allow health conscience companies of all sizes to reach their customers on personal level, just like at an actual farmers market.


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