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We’ve identified 25 “Blue Zones” – our countries healthiest communities.

Peptide therapy is changing the way we feel, think and even how quickly we age.

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Milk + Honey Bee is a platform and a resource for self-love! we are a community that is here for you when “life happens”. Our editors and writers are very excited to offer feel good content. Our goal is to feed your soul. We want to offer you a place of rest through our uplifting content, as well as through our Self-Love Advocate Services. Our scheduling feature allows you to get real-time help when you need it without having to wait for days to speak with someone. so, how can we help you?

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We offer three resources to get you real and timely encouragement. Our scheduling system allows you to access a “fast pass” service to MHB’s resources: which includes our Prayer Warriors, MHB Staff Advocates, or Affiliated Coaches and Therapists. The self-love advocates at MHB are faith based and filled with the love of Jesus.

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Our advocates are Christian, but our door is open to anyone who is looking to talk. Let’s come together and be fed by God’s love and kindness.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup,” and that’s why our Wellness section focuses on ways you can honor and improve your holistic wellness.

Our lifestyle section explores everything from improving work/life balance to discovering trending hobbies and local meetups.
Books, meditations, treatments, aromatherapy and so much more make this section our most viewed. See why when you explore more!

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